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In order to contribute as much as possible to the enrichment of children's literature in our native language, I decided to translate into Uzbek some of the masterpieces of world literature, starting with a seven-part work "Harry Potter" by British children's author Joanna Kathleen Rowling. . This work is very popular and you know that it has been translated into many world languages, of course. So, thinking that our young people should not be left behind by their contemporaries, I translated a series of novels "Harry Potter", translated into Russian by Maria Viktorovna Spivak, into our state language, Uzbek.

While working on the work, I tried to make effective use of the infinite richness of our native Uzbek language, to support the reader's respect and love for our beautiful language.

The young reader who reads the book will be aware of many aspects of complex life, good and bad, black and white, the eternal struggle between evil and good, to get acquainted with interesting information and increase his knowledge. there is no doubt.